Moon’s gravity affects tides in our ocean body. Gravity in general affects motion of all objects identically
Tides of Ocean


Our very own sun could have a twin brother who might have been the reason for major destructions, even the demise of Dinosaurs


Physicists have discovered signals of new particle in the swathes of data used to confirm the existence of the Higgs boson back in 2012, and have tentatively named it the Madala Boson.
Madala Boson


Quantum Computing works on the principle of quantum physics, where the computational power has been increased beyond what is attainable through classical mechanics
Quantum Computing

Bionic Leaf

Bionic leaves are artificial leaves that have mastered the art of this process using catalyst to make sunlight split water into hydrogen and oxygen
Bionic Leaf


an unique class of multi-functional materials that have the ability to recover large deformations or generate high stresses in response
Shape Memory Alloys


A particle accelerator is a machine that uses electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles to nearly light speed and to contain them in well defined beams
Particle Accelerator

Tabby Star

An F-type main sequence star located in the constellation Cygnus approximately 454 parsecs (1,480 ly) from Earth
Tabby Star


An overview on metamaterials and its main topic of interest being acoustic metamaterials
Acoustic Meta Materials


Super Conductivity-A new state of matter in a material that appears to be an insulator, superconductor, meta and magnet combined together
Super Conductivity

The Merger

The gravitationally bound system that binds all the stars visible is referred to as galaxy
Galaxy Merger