About Us

"Consistency is the playground of dull minds". - Yuval Noah Harari  

Multiversehub.com is a self-effacing attempt to inscribe issues regarding quintessential news,facts,conspiracies,pop-culture and more.
We believe that True facts and Conspiracy theories must work together to rid our minds from collective ignorance. We must question everything we see,read,hear in this physical world that are filled with illusions just to fool us- Intentionally & Unintentionally. Life is just an accident. There are no higher purposes or Presence to guide us and lead us. Its all variables. We are just surfing in the deep blue ocean called 'Time' until our biological body is unfit to produce all the necessary ingredients to thrive and survive.
So should we just stop aiming for greater things? We are going to be insignificant (and die). What is the necessity to work hard? Sing, dance or even write/Read this blog?
Uncle Ben preached Peter Parker that 'With great power comes great responsibility', Similarly History teaches us that Accidents are indeed a greater power and it gives us endless opportunity.
To put it simply, Higher purpose/Presence proclaimed by Religions is like Binary Logic with Yes/No variables.
 We pray,we do good, we end up in Heaven-YES
We don't pray, We don't do good, We end up in Hell- No.
(P.S. We're not trying to scorn religion)
But if we drop this Higher purpose/presence theory of religions, then we are left with Nothing. Nothing is exciting. Imagine a future with nothing i.e We don't know what the hell is going to happen.
Is there WAR? FAMINE? IMMORTALITY? Cancer Drugs that are 100% effective? Another Holocaust scenario? New World Order? Its like Fuzzy logic. Lots of probabilities. Now we have an actual purpose, Don't we? If you can't identify the purpose, We're sorry.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it- Albert Einstein