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A Tribute To Chester

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. You never know what is actually going on in someone's life. Suicide is never the only option.. You too have a reason to live on this planet !
Live and let live.

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A piece in dedication to this tragic life choice..

Do we ? Do we not ?
To the highest top that we could reach Heavenly and so gracefully
Crafted by the hands of the one who sways
To the melody of our destiny
Crave up to the feeling or to see it out
Will what we may perceive be reached or not
Turn to left but never turn it down
To see what we have left to see what we own.
Days may get rougher
Nights may become darker.
Looking upon to what lies above our head
May fade completely with our laughter.
Beauty in the eyes and beast within
Makes the beholder a slave to him.
To confront the comfort
Throwing away ourselves for the win
An excuse to live in this da…

Tides of Ocean

Consider a situation of yourself at the beach, watching out for the tides in the ocean. Now consider this situation having yourself enjoy a cup of coffee. Look at your cup of coffee and ponder over a few minutes. Have you ever come across the fact that you don’t get to see those tides in lakes, ponds or even in your cup of coffee? Well if you haven’t and now that you would, here is a small correction on your assumption about how the moon’s gravity affects tides in our ocean body. Gravity in general affects motion of all objects identically, irrespective of their masses. Let us first set our assumption straight, the sun and the moon are both responsible for the tides in ocean and water. If the moon’s gravity is stronger at point A and weaker at point B where A and B are opposite points of the moon’s location, at the earth’s centre the net effect of this differential of the moon’s gravity across the earth is to stretch the oceans bulge out like a candy that stretches. At the earth-moon…


Nemesis ,the name of our Sun's possible evil twin! Yes, our very own sun could have a twin brother who might have been the reason for major destructions, even the demise of our beloved Dinosaurs. So who is this 'Nemesis'?
According to the research done by Sarah et al. on Embedded binaries and Their dense cores which is a planetary model on how stars are formed and after countless investigations done on dust clouds in the Perseus constellation they've concluded that all stars are born with a companion. To explain further, we need to know what Star system is. Star system or stellar system is a small number of stars that orbit each other bound by gravitational attraction. A star system of two stars is know as Binary star and so on (Triple system, quaternary,etc,.) For many years, astronomers have wondered if the large number of binary and triple systems of stars in our galaxy are created so close to each other or if they just fall together after they're formed. From m…

The Final Solution

"Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it."

Nearly 6 million European Jews were ruthlessly killed by Adolf Hitler during the second World War. From 1941 to 1945, Jews were methodically murdered in which is still considered to be one of the 'deadliest genocide in human history' Nearly 42,500 detention facilities were used by the Nazis to imprison Jews and carry out flagrant violations of Human rights. Over 200,000 people are estimated to have been Holocaust perpetrators.  Adolf Hitler managed to manipulate his whole nation, that extermination of Jews is the only solution. Giving his nation a notorious tag called 'Nazi Germany'. Personally, Hitler's persona doesn't bother me a lot. The fact that an estimated number of 200,000 odd Nazis involved directly in massacring 6 million Jews was alarming.
Why did Hitler and Nazis hate Jews? 
According to many historians, Jews are merely the victims of 'Scapegoating'. Hitler blamed that Jews ,a…

Galaxy Merger

The gravitationally bound system that binds all the stars visible is referred to as galaxy. It also consists of various other components such as stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter. Galaxies are categorized according to their visual morphology as elliptical, spiral and irregular. Many galaxies are thought to have black holes at their active centres, for example; The Milky Way's central black hole, known as Sagittarius A*, has a mass four million times greater than the Sun. Our main aim at this passage is to understand why different galaxies could merge, interact together or form starburst galaxies, to this day we people have come across the theory of their probability to collide with one another due to their large separation. This process is their basic way to growth, to become bigger leading to heavy expansion. When the two colliding galaxies both have central black holes, they will tend to sink toward the common centre and eventually join together. This pr…

Wow !

The signal that hit most of our vision, over its’ success of being decoded, is the Wow! signal. On August 15, 1977, a strong narrow band radio signal was received by the Big Ear Radio Telescope of the Ohio State University, United States, then assigned to a SETI project (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). Various hypotheses have been drawn over the possibility of a natural origin that has not been completely discounted, assuming the Wow! signal to be considered the best candidate for an alien radio transmission ever received. Astronomer Jerry R. Ehman circled an alphanumeric sequence, 6EQUJ5, which represents the intensity variation of the radio signal over time, measured as unit less signal-to-noise ratio and ranging from 0 to 36, with the noise averaged over the previous few minutes. Each individual character corresponds to a sample of the signal, taken every 12 seconds. It’s strange, over how the scientists did not just think it could mean something but felt it was the ut…

UFO Ice discs?

Physics causes some strange phenomena, like slowly-rotating discs of ice on a frozen river that resemble UFO saucers. But have no fear, science is here to explain away your excitement.Michigan resident Jason Robinson spotted and filmed an eerie phenomenon in the Pine River in Vestaburg, Michigan, as reported Sunday on Similar discs of spinning ice have been documented before—the Associated Press spotted one back in 2013, for example. While your first guess might be aliens, last year, scientists learned that physics governs these spooky plates’ behavior.Surprisingly, the physical behavior of melting ice cooling the surrounding river water—not the motion of the river itself—drives the turntable.A team of physicists from the University of Liège recreated the spinning ice scenario in miniature by putting a 3.35-inch disc of ice in a one foot-wide temperature-controlled bath. In one experiment, the ice floated on its own, and in another, the researchers controlled things a bit …

The Cochno Stone

Archaeologists in Glasgow, Scotland, briefly excavated and then reburied a 5,000-year-old slab of stone that contains incised swirling geometric decorations..The Cochno Stone, which measures 43 feet by 26 feet, contains swirling decorations, also called "cup and ring marks." The stone and its decorations have been known to people in the area since at least the 19th century. Decorations similar to these swirls have been found at other prehistoric sites around the world; however, the examples incised in the Cochno Stone are considered to comprise "one of the best examples" of such art in Europe, according to a statement by the University of Glasgow, which led the new study. The stone slab was fully unearthed in West Dunbartonshire by Rev. James Harvey in 1887. By 1965, the stone had been vandalized with graffiti and damaged by the elements, so a team of archaeologists buried it beneath the dirt in order to protect the artwork . This summer's two-week re-excavati…