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Polymeric Falcighol Derivation.

This particular hoax to a specific reality relation is assumed to be via quantum computing. Quantum mechanics involves transfer of particles that lead us to closed shell system. Closed shell system involves systems that are not connected directly to the Internet and are only accessible via a rare LAN network or accessing the system manually. Plethora of myths on this particular derivation is basically due to its non-existent evidence under practical usage, which is also said to be an ignored idea that belonged Einstein.
Einstein had discovered cosmological constant, as an addition to his theory of general relativity to "hold back gravity" and achieve a static universe, later abandoned due to Hubble’s theory of universe expansion. This constant was then assumed to be 0 by the researchers hence proving the energy density of vacuum state to be 0. Further development in this field (early 19th centuries), proved his theory on “anti-gravity” / repulsion force attributed to dark m…

Quantum Computing.

Quantum Computing as we know involves computer design and features with devices that practically works on the principle of quantum physics, where the computational power has been increased beyond what is attainable through classical mechanics. These computers have been now developed on the small scale and the potential output using quantum mechanics lie far off from computers that we use on normal basis. They store data in the form of qubits. Qubits are quantum analogue of classical bits , involving Boolean logic. Advantage of this computing involves superposition of two states known to us 0 and 1 along with 0 and 1 individually , that could store more data hence enhancing the performance of basic computers that consist of on and off states only. For instance ; Solving a 64-bit encryption (coding) key today about 2 to the power of 64 operations (which takes approx. 292.5 years) vs. 64 bit quantum computer taking one operation.
These computers are built up using semiconducting devices…

Madala Boson.

Physicists have discovered signals of new particle in the swathes of data used to confirm the existence of the Higgs boson back in 2012, and have tentatively named it the Madala Boson.

The signal was first detected in data from the 2012 Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments at CERN, and has now bee supported by repeat experiments in 2015 and 2016. Nothing's confirmed just yet, but the case is getting stronger. The group behind the discovery, the High Energy Physics Group (HEP) from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, suggest that if their 'Madala hypothesis' is correct , it could help us make sense of dark matter's place in the Universe. Estimated to make up around 27% of all the mass and energy in the observable universe , we know dark matter exists because we can detect its gravitational force, but it doesn't appear to emit any form of light or radiation that we can observe. And despite years of searching, no one actually knows what dark matte…