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Ever wondered what happens to us after we die? Is there after life? Does God exist?
Are we alone in the universe ? We are in the 21st century ,The age what we call as ‘Electronic age’.Science has changed our life dramatically in all aspects of our day to day life , The word ‘Dramatically changed ‘ is not enough to explain this extraordinary achievement.The kind of development that the human race achieved in just a matter of 50 years is just mind blowing.Since the evolution of mankind there are many scientific discoveries that helped, changed ,destroyed the human race's history ! .Just 70-80 years ago taking a photo seemed difficult and rare , but today the word ‘Selfie’ explains it all ! And the thought about 'Future of this planet' is unpredictable.However  our science fiction films like Prometheus , I’m Legend, I’Robot , The day after tomorrow , etc.  gives us an outline of what is to come.So we are having High speed internet, Android ,Windows, I-phone etc. We can conta…