A Tribute To Chester

I have been able to tap into all the negative things that can happen to me throughout my life by numbing myself to the pain so to speak and kind of being able to vent it through my music.-Chester.B
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. You never know what is actually going on in someone's life. Suicide is never the only option.. You too have a reason to live on this planet !
Live and let live.

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A piece in dedication to this tragic life choice..

Do we ? Do we not ?

To the highest top that we could reach
Heavenly and so gracefully
Crafted by the hands of the one who sways
To the melody of our destiny
Crave up to the feeling or to see it out
Will what we may perceive be reached or not
Turn to left but never turn it down
To see what we have left to see what we own.
Days may get rougher
Nights may become darker.
Looking upon to what lies above our head
May fade completely with our laughter.
Beauty in the eyes and beast within
Makes the beholder a slave to him.
To confront the comfort
Throwing away ourselves for the win
An excuse to live in this dark place
Plotting a map for the escape.
May we reach what we may know
But what we don't will be never told.
Flashes of these memories in our brains
Were always trashed out from our hearts with a lot of strain
Monotonous life that we live in
Is this what we need him for?
Wistful smile on our faces
Twirl and leave when not in need
Forceful rejections for the kin
Turn into sin that kills us from within.
The power that left us here
Will never instill this fear.
To know what needs us most
Tearful rush and darkened holes.
Pleading to please the pleased
And kneading the need to feed.
Among those who see the good and bad
Among those who aim to shoot one's wad.
Aim to win or aim to loose
But never lay down into your shoes.
Wrests of those memories that pull us away
Pulling away rallies and surveys
Of what we want do we get?
Or of what we have is never set?
Greed for something that crave us less
Feasibly has made us confess
To listen to others is to listen to sea
To listen to ourselves is what one must see
Fresh summer skies that dry up soon
Minds that are always made to swoon
Sun that sets up by the noon
Pray for living not for the dead
Pray for something that will die instead
Never leave us prey to the pray
For our life to never be greyed.
The context might be of something we never know
But we could know the possibilities and the probabilities of what lies in between the N and the ever known.
Deep awakening salts and sea
Wash right past our memory
To know what is real and what isn't
Pollinate to different seasons
Moving along with the best of best.
Signing off from this Message

Tides of Ocean

Consider a situation of yourself at the beach, watching out for the tides in the ocean. Now consider this situation having yourself enjoy a cup of coffee. Look at your cup of coffee and ponder over a few minutes. Have you ever come across the fact that you don’t get to see those tides in lakes, ponds or even in your cup of coffee? Well if you haven’t and now that you would, here is a small correction on your assumption about how the moon’s gravity affects tides in our ocean body. Gravity in general affects motion of all objects identically, irrespective of their masses. Let us first set our assumption straight, the sun and the moon are both responsible for the tides in ocean and water. If the moon’s gravity is stronger at point A and weaker at point B where A and B are opposite points of the moon’s location, at the earth’s centre the net effect of this differential of the moon’s gravity across the earth is to stretch the oceans bulge out like a candy that stretches. At the earth-moon line, if the earth rotates underneath those bulges with no friction between the ocean and the earth’s crust, then at a given location at any point on the earth would experience 2 high tides per day and as you pass, 2 low tides per day at the spots normal to each other. Which is not exactly what we experience, so assuming Newtonian gravity and ignoring the sun’s effects for simplicity, considering the earth to be covered with water (ocean) as a whole and also by switching off the gravity on our planet, we get to place two points A’ and B’ along the earth-moon line, on earth’s surface at opposite sides. Relative to a frame out in the ambient space, point A’ closer to the moon gets attracted/accelerated towards the moon more than the earth’s centre and earth’s centre towards moon more than point B’. Thus A' and B’ are separated due to an invisible outward force. Let’s call this force as tidal force. The tidal force is a force that is the secondary effect of the force of gravity. It arises because the gravitational force exerted by one body on another is not constant across it: the nearest side is attracted more strongly than the farthest side, in simple words. Since the points and the earth’s centre are accelerating, they are not inertial, thus the acceleration relative to earth’s surface is anti-gravity. Tidal force involving acceleration of surface regardless of the mass of any object is known as object tidal acceleration of that object. Well to this point we get an idea about the tides, that no more work on our “stretching” assumption, but over a mechanism of “squeezing” (eg: pimple/zit).  It undergoes “cumulative sideways traction”, where the water molecules are pulled out towards the moon at the equator and are pulled towards the earth’s centre at the poles. Moon’s gravity being 10 million times weaker than the earth’s, the points on earth cannot be completely pulled, instead are being pushed towards the moon along the earth-moon line. Water molecules apply force on each other, on being pushed or pulled, increases water pressure. This global water pressure works against Earth's gravity to form two bulges: high-tide and low-tide bulges. These high-tide bulges stay put as Earth rotates underneath them every 24 hours, leading to a tide change every 6 hours. Low tides occur where the disruption caused by tidal force is weakest (and water pressure caused by Earth's gravity is strongest). This process of water being pushed, the ocean acts like a planet sized hydraulic pump. Dramatic tides can result where land and seafloor terrain funnel more seawater into one spot. The sun’s affects are only by 1/3rd, as it is far away from our planet. When the sun, the moon and the earth align in a same line then there in a high tidal force in the ocean. Now our small water bodies like lakes, ponds and even your cup of coffee wouldn’t undergo this process as they do not have enough area to be pushed out. They don't have noticeable tidal bulges because they lack enough liquid to create pressure that can visibly overcome the pull of Earth's gravity. These affects are highly visible in the form of waves in the ocean/sea-water, which may decrease and increase depending on the winds, non-uniformity of the surface that could help increase in water levels and the earth’s bulging surfaces at that particular point.


Nemesis ,the name of our Sun's possible evil twin! Yes, our very own sun could have a twin brother who might have been the reason for major destructions, even the demise of our beloved Dinosaurs. So who is this 'Nemesis'?
According to the research done by Sarah et al. on Embedded binaries and Their dense cores which is a planetary model on how stars are formed and after countless investigations done on dust clouds in the Perseus constellation they've concluded that all stars are born with a companion. To explain further, we need to know what Star system is. Star system or stellar system is a small number of stars that orbit each other bound by gravitational attraction. A star system of two stars is know as Binary star and so on (Triple system, quaternary,etc,.)
For many years, astronomers have wondered if the large number of binary and triple systems of stars in our galaxy are created so close to each other or if they just fall together after they're formed. From many previous researches it was vaguely clear that almost all the stars are born as multiples that often spin away on their own. But this new analysis fixates the claim of born-together hypothesis. Stahler, an astronomer working with Sarah quotes " Our work is a step forward in understanding both how binaries form and also the role that binaries play in early stellar evolution". As a part of the VANDAM survey (The VLA nascent disk and Multiplicity survey) done out of a dense cocoon of dust about 600 light years away that contained a whole nursery of young stars it was clear that all stars are born as binaries. To know more about VANDAM click here
Even if our sun's theoretical sibling cease to exist we cannot see it in our neighbourhood, not until now at least. But their is another hypothesis where some believe that Nemesis pay us a visit every now and then. This could explain the 27-million year cycle of extinctions on earth. So that explains the death of dinosaurs. If not asteroids it has to be this estranged twin !
Richard Muller, another astronomer who studied a red dwarf star about 1.5 light years away found that when this star travels through the icy outer limits of our solar system, it stirs up all the planetary bodies within it's gravity !
Could this be it? On contrary it could just be a dying star manifesting its rage. It's not uncommon for a passing by star to mess things up in a planetary system.  However there is still a fair amount of time for the next cycle of extinction to pop in. We shouldn't overlook the possibilities of an indignant Nemesis destroying life as we know it.. hope not !

The Final Solution


"Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it."

Nearly 6 million European Jews were ruthlessly killed by Adolf Hitler during the second World War. From 1941 to 1945, Jews were methodically murdered in which is still considered to be one of the 'deadliest genocide in human history' Nearly 42,500 detention facilities were used by the Nazis to imprison Jews and carry out flagrant violations of Human rights. Over 200,000 people are estimated to have been Holocaust perpetrators.  Adolf Hitler managed to manipulate his whole nation, that extermination of Jews is the only solution. Giving his nation a notorious tag called 'Nazi Germany'. Personally, Hitler's persona doesn't bother me a lot. The fact that an estimated number of 200,000 odd Nazis involved directly in massacring 6 million Jews was alarming.
Why did Hitler and Nazis hate Jews? 
According to many historians, Jews are merely the victims of 'Scapegoating'. Hitler blamed that Jews ,are responsible for major events like Germany's loss in World war-1 and economical crisis.But by putting the blame on Jews, Hitler created an enemy. Germans believed him blindly, and assumed that Jews are the real problem. It is a perfect example of Mass Hysteria.
"Believing something blindly" That's something us, humans do a lot. Either its religion or king or a dictator. Humans are the victims of manipulation. We keep proving it throughout our recorded history.
Many believe Hitler invented Antisemitism, Its a No. Of course, he didn't invent it. Hitler built on and used Antisemitic ideas that already existed. He was an Austrian and grew up in Vienna where the Mayor was extremely antisemitic and where hatred of Jews was widespread. These episodes led  Hitler and two hundred thousand people to conclude that Jews are destroying their livelihood. They thought its their 'final' solution. During the era of Holocaust, Nazis also targeted other groups because of their perceived "racial inferiority" : Gypsies, the disabled, some of the slavic people (russians), While some persecuted on political,ideological and behavioral grounds; among them communists, Jehovah's witnesses and Homosexuals.  Killing is unacceptable. We don't have any right to take someone's life.
The holocaust is a history of enduring horror and sorrow. It seems as though there was no spark of human concern, no act of humanity, to lighten that dark history.
Auschwitz-Birkenau Belzec Bergen-Belsen,etc and all other concentration camps where millions cried for help, stuck inside those doomed walls, awaiting their fate. They will be remembered forever.
The Holocaust survivor Abel Herzberg has said: "There were not six million Jews murdered; there was one murder, six million times.".
The words of Elie Wiesel, the Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor, stand as a testament to why we must never forget this dark period of human history:
"For the survivor who chooses to testify, it is clear: his duty is to bear witness for the dead and the living. He has no right to deprive future generations of a past that belongs to our collective memory. To forget would be not only dangerous but offensive; to forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time. The witness has forced himself to testify. For the youth of today, for the children who will be born tomorrow. He does not want his past to become their future." Elie Wiesel, Night, Preface to the New Translation (New York: Hill and Wang, c2006), page xv.
RIP- to those who died.
 * -  Photo taken at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. This image shows a young Jew looking up into the Hall of Names, an exhibit in the museum.